Supervision & Training


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I am an accredited STAP Supervisor, and can assist with those undertaking the Clinical Psychology Registrar program.

I am committed to training the community and supporting psychologists in the provision of creative and evidenced based therapy for children. I am an accredited STAP Supervisor, and can assist with those undertaking the Clinical Psychology Registrar program.
I am a Clinical Psychologist and Child Psychologist. Along with mood issues like anxiety and depression, I have experience working with children with complex presentations, including developmental concerns, OCD, Autism, Eating and Feeding issues, Tourette’s and tics, and school refusal behaviours.


The office is located at Suite 5, 10,498 New England Highway (Jacaranda Manor).

There are no awkward waiting rooms, when you arrive just wait outside or if you are early, you may want to visit the lovely coffee shops nearby.

I also provide therapy, supervision and training via video conferencing.


Appointments are Monday to Friday, school hours.


Fees (excluding GST)
Supervision $200
Group supervision: $70 (minimum 3 participants)

Payment via direct debit is preferred


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Along with free training and information available on YouTube, on-demand webinars are available to purchase. These are on-demand recording of a live webinar training that is perfect for parents and professionals. You can view the recording as many times as you like and the video never expires.

Neurodiversity & Autism

When little people are wired a little different

Barb Kelly, Clinical Psychologist/Child Psychologist, will help you:

  • Understand the brain
  • Understand Autism and when things are wired a little different
  • Use a differences rather than deficits model (the neurodiverse paradigm)
  • Develop strategies to calm children, based on a better understanding.

Cost $30 (excluding GST)

To purchase contact

More than 'just' picky eating

In this training, Barb Kelly, Clinical Psychologist/Child Psychologist, will help you:

  • How to identify more than "just fussy" eating
  • Understand 3 maintaining factors to avoidant and restricted eating
  • Learn easy to implement strategies, supported by evidence.

This workshop is useful for anyone who just needs a little help to those supporting children who have difficulties with food due to sensory issues associated with Autism, Avoidant and Restricted Eating Disorder (ARFID).

Cost: $30 (excluding GST)

Purchase your recording by contacting

NDIS (Self and Plan Managed) invoicing available.



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Barb Kelly_Training

I am committed to creating change systemically. This means getting out of the therapy room and into schools, early child care centres and other organisations to provide training and education.

Training is provided in small to large groups through live webinar.

Popular topics include:

  • Neurodiversity, when little people are wired a little different!
  • Emotional first aid
  • Adolescent brain explained (by gifs and memes only!)
  • Neurodiversity
  • Autism and Girls
  • Parenting (taming melt-downs)
  • Tourette’s in an educational setting

Small group training and live webinars are also available on topics including:

  • Picky eating
  • Neurodiversity (Autism, ADHD & Tics)
  • Newly diagnosed patients

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Pre-recorded webinars are also available for purchase to meet flexible delivery of service needs.  You can purchase the 2 hour recorded training videos by contacting

Cost: $50 (invoicing available for NDIS Plan Managed and Self Funded).

Check out my Facebook page for all my training events and free resources

Free Video - Helping kids with tics/Tourette's in a time of crisis

I am committed to sharing information and supporting kids during times of crisis. In the one hour free webinar, I share my knowledge on supporting children with tics/Tourettes in this era of Covid-19.