Meet Barb

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Director of “A Different Place“.

I am experienced in providing psychological therapy to children and young people with developmental concerns and complex mental health issues. I am particularly passionate about the following areas:

  • Mood issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Neurodiversity including- Autism and ADHD
  • Tourette’s/Tics (CBiT trained)
  • Selective Mutism
  • Eating and Feeding issues such as Avoidant Restricted Feeding Disorder (ARFID)
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“In some ways, I am a bit like a teacher”

Children who come to see me often need to learn something new. Some children need to learn how to fight anxiety or depression, others need to learn skills to make friends or solve social problems. I like to tell children that as a Psychologist I am an expert in behaviour.

To support children I believe in working with a child’s system- this means I work with whole families and love to get out into a child’s community. Video conferencing, home and school visits allow us to support children.

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Along with completing a Clinical Master’s in Psychology, I am committed to ensuring creative, evidence-based practice such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

I am a supervisor and have also worked as a lecturer and am passionate about educating the community and love training.

I use innovative technology to share my knowledge, using video conferencing for therapy, facilitating live webinars and recorded training.

Along with mood issues like anxiety and depression, I have experience working with children with complex presentations, including:

  • Developmental concerns
  • OCD
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Eating and feeding issues
  • Tourette’s and tics, and
  • School refusal behaviours

Check Out My Youtube Channel!

I have a youtube channel and like

to tell kids I am a ‘youtuber’!

I also love all things geekery, so look out for references around the office to Star Wars, Transformers, She-Ra and all things plush (squishmellows are the best!).

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My Services

Child Psychology Consultations

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I provide evidence based, creative therapy for children. Session Length: 1hr
Session Cost: $325 initial appointment, $210 subsequent appointments Read More Book In



I am committed to supporting psychologists in the provision of creative and evidenced based therapy for children. I am a Board Approved Supervisor, and can assist with those undertaking the Clinical Psychology Registrar program. Supervision Session Length: 1hr
Supervision Cost: $210 p/h (excluding GST) Read More Book In

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I am committed to creating change systemically. This means getting out of the therapy room and into schools and organisations to provide training and education.

Training Format: live webinar or training video Read More Book In

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Service Hours

Monday, 8.45am – 3pm

Tuesday, 8.45am – 3pm

Wednesday, 8.45am – 3pm

Thursday, 8.45am – 3pm

Friday, 8.45am – 3pm

Saturday, Closed

Sunday, Closed

Public Holidays (Queensland), Closed

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Awkward Stuff (Fees)

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The fee for an initial therapy appointment is $300. The standard fee for any appointment after the first is $210. Payment on the day is required. Medicare rebates are available for patients with a mental health care plan, although these rebates do not cover the full cost of the appointment.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs and the past freeze on Medicare rebates, this practice is not able to bulk bill.

NDIS funding is available to self-funded and planner managed patients only.

Training and supervision fees are available on request.

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Service Location

The office is located just a short drive from Toowoomba at Suite 5, 10498 New England Highway, Highfields, Q. 4352 (Jacaranda Manor, across the road from the Chocolate Cottage.).

You can wait outside. If you are early, you may want to visit the lovely coffee shops nearby.

We also offer appointments via video conferencing.

In addition to servicing Toowoomba and the surrounding area, I also provide psychological therapy, supervision and training via online video-conferencing.

I also train psychologists on using video conferencing. Speak to me about using flexible modes of delivery to meet your needs.

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What is video-conferencing?

What to bring:

Remember to bring your referral from your GP or any other relevant paperwork.

Want to book in or find out more?

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I have loads of free videos about supporting children, teaching them emotions (using Skittles!) and school anxiety. Visit Video Gallery

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Missed Anything?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via phone on 0422 569 606, or via email at admin@barbkellypsychology.com.au.